Child Counseling in San Antonio

How do you answer your child who is asking you about why people are marching in the streets? Or if they are safe from Covid-19? Every child looks to a parent for answers when a series of events are negative. Events in the news can cause stress and trauma to a child who doesn’t understand what is going on. There is no doubt that these events took our nation by surprise. But there are great resources to help you guide your child through this difficult times. One such resource is Healing Minds Behavioral Health in San Antonio Texas. They are … Continue reading Child Counseling in San Antonio

Web Design Company in San Antonio Texas

If you are looking to build your website, or redesign a current one we recommend  San Antonio’s newest upcoming web design company, StarCima. The company’s new approach is based on helping local entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals; by learning about their client’s goals and incorporating solutions into their design process, resulting in improving the satisfaction and usability of the customer’s web experience. StarCima’s approach gives business owners a competitive image in the global market. Web Designers in San Antonio Continue reading Web Design Company in San Antonio Texas